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The Association

Our Vision

The people of Windermere envision their community as a place where individuals and families are able to realize their lifestyle needs and desires. Windermere is a mountainous lake residential village which includes wildlife, gardens, green spaces and walkways. It is a tourist destination area with artisans and artists, shops, restaurants and opportunities for education, business, recreation and social interaction.

The Windermere Community Association (WCA)

The Community benefits from the support and participation of both permanent and part time residents with a stake in the future of Windermere.


The Windermere Community Association (WCA) provides a forum for bringing community members together to discuss community concerns, and all residents are encouraged to join and get involved. The W.C.A. was incorporated in 1951 and is a registered charitable organization with its own constitution and bylaws. The boundaries of Windermere are the same as the Fire Protection area of 8 km in all directions from the Windermere Fire Hall.


The mandate of the WCA is to:

  • Provide buildings and facilities for community meetings, entertainment, educational activities and sports;
  • Foster or participate in all such activities that will lead to the cultural, social, physical and agricultural benefit of the community;
  • Provide a forum for coummunity discussion and debate; and
  • Raise money to support the above initiatives.


Current WCA activities related to this mandate include hall operation and special activities, beach and dock operation, the Fall Fair and Bird Song Supper, and website maintenance.