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The Association

Our Vision

The 2023-2024 WCA board is updating our vision statement.

The Windermere Community Association (WCA)

The Community benefits from the support and participation of permanent and part-time residents with a stake in the future of Windermere.


The Windermere Community Association (WCA) provides a forum for bringing community members together to discuss community concerns, and all residents are encouraged to join and get involved. The W.C.A. was incorporated in 1951 and is a registered charitable organization with its constitution and bylaws. The boundaries of Windermere are the same as the Fire Protection area of 8 km in all directions from the Windermere Fire Hall.


The mandate of the WCA is to:

  • Provide buildings and facilities for community meetings, entertainment, educational activities and sports;
  • Foster or participate in all such activities that will lead to the cultural, social, physical and agricultural benefit of the community;
  • Provide a forum for community discussion and debate, and
  • Raise money to support the above initiatives.


The goal for the WCA in 2023 is to gather information on the costs and benefits of the community hall and make a plan for the future. We encourage everyone to join us for our discussions and share your ideas.